Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As we hear your voice,

Our bodies sway,
Sent forth and gathered back,
Weaving in complex and subtle rhythms
From the cycles of the moon.

The brilliance of unceasing joy,
Sharp, intense, and pure,
Motionless, devoid of thought
Is the unsparing light of an all-encompassing sun.

Out of the great elements,
So drawn and illuminated,
Our bodies and world arise
Revolving then in this vast song.


We hear your song
As an immense ocean
Reverberant and shining with life.

You are the insouciant fluid home
To myriad of unimaginable life-forms.
Whispering and roaring,
You descend to lightless depths
With the power of death.
The glittering crests
And wet sliding cobalt troughs
Roll on as you and you limitless gaze
Shapes their edge with land and wind
In an endless flow of accomodation.

Eluding definition,
You are the essence of peace;
Hurled into the sky,
Tearing at the shores,
You are anger itself;
Queen of dissolving,
You bring all to you
Without beginning and to no completion,
Such boundaries never known.

We hear your song
As indestructible ground,
Dense expansive earth of gilded heights
And sheltered lowlands.

Your movements are measured,
Slowed to a pace that implies solidity
As if appearance can be held.
You are the nature of treading and building.
If a form can be retained, it is you.
If a dwelling place can seem to be chosen, it is you.
If something can stand upright, be treasured,
And enjoy domain, it is you.

Your golden certainty
Is the great permanence of illusion.
You are the Queen of grasping.


Of the flickering glowing tongues
In the heat of dancing fire,
Radiant, devouring, untouchable,
You are the vibrant essence that cannot be stayed.
Clearly perceived only in the ground of emptiness,
Your crackling vermillion flames burn and rise.
You are the quickness at the heart of life,
Sustaining, intoxicating, consuming it completely.
Restless, purposeless, vivid,
You ever ascend in ravenous fiery swirls of love.
You are the Queen of unappeasable yearning.


Across trackless starlit space,
Over continents and seas,
The ceaseless winds of binding and dispersion
Race and roar,
Hurricane, tornado, gentle breeze
In the greeen air of a summer storm.
Clothed in bright clouds,
Veiled in silver rain,
Swathed in fire,
Touching the earth with deafening footsteps,
You are the power of action,
Drawing together the other elements
And tearing them apart.
Queen of concept, cause, and action,
All that can be made or destroyed
Is completely your doing.


As limitless as animate space,
Unfolding the perfection of form
In the expessions of all phenomena,
The spontaneous rainbow wisdom of your song
Opens as the senses touch.

Queen of Queens,
Twining the blazing of the burning sun
And the cool nectar of the moon,
You are the vibrant wisdom body,
The pulsing melodious and eternal life of all life.


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